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Diamond Tuck Point Saw Blades


Diamond Tuck Point Saw Blade is a lot like a diamond blade in appearance. It is composed up of a heat treated steel core and has powder metal/diamond dust segments. The only difference is these tucks are a bit thicker than diamond blades, due to the purpose they serve. Diamond Tuck Point Saw Blade are mortar removal tools used for crack repair by decorative and restoration contractors, and allows you to prep brick, block and pavers for new joints and brick cleaning.

Our Diamond Tuck Point Saw Blades are highest Ratio of Performance to Price! Made in China.

The following are the normal Specifications we are selling:



Segment Height (mm)

Bore (mm)













SPACER Diamond Tuck Point Saw Blade:


SPACERDifferent Base & Segments Design


Diamond Tuck Point Saw Blade

Code No.: FD-DTPB-01

Type: Normal Tuck Point Blade


Diameter: 100mm - 200mm


Segment Length: 40mm

Segment height: 7mm, 10mm


Cutting: Granite & kinds of Hard Stone


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Diamond Tuck Point Saw Blade

Code No.: FD-DTPB-02

Type: Crack Chaser Blade


Diameter: 100mm - 200mm


Segment: Continuous Rim

Segment height: 12mm


Cutting: Kinds of Granite & Marble

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SPACER Kindly Noted:




Safety First !


Before mounting the saw blade ensure that the machine cannot start (pull out main plug).
Rotational direction arrow of the saw blade has to match the spindle rotational direction.
Not suitable for grinding – grinding can lead to serious injury through segment break outs.
Saw specification has to be appropriate for the material to be cut.
Do not tilt the saw blade in the cut.
Do not carry out any curved cuts.
Allow cooling down breaks, if saw blade is sparking heavily (use reciprocating cut).
Use protective clothing.


Falcon Stone Tools online Shop is not responsible for any accident due to wrong operation!


Please use the following when operate the cutting:


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